My own business was born out of an entrepreneurial heart. If it is in your blood, it will stay in your blood. Although it took many years of trial and error, I believe that the process would have been much shorter if I had someone to guide me who already went through all the ropes.

It will always be a process and each person walks his own, different road.

My heart has a big space for artists or designers who would love to turn passion into a business. Although the program might have one goal and that is to make you grow fast, lead you, and search for opportunities…each person will have a slightly different program.

I will teach you what I know, I will guide you in directions which I have tried and tested.

Its hard to start something when you really don’t know where to begin and this is exactly where I will help you…

Yes, it will take a lot of your commitment and hard work always pays off…

We would love to hear from you and we will be glad to send you a quotation and a small proposal on how we could help you turn your passion into success!!!

All applicants are welcome and if your application is successful and we are in the position to advance your ideas and talents, we are super excited to start this wonderful journey with you!!

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